Pardis Technology Park


As the Region's Future Technology Paradise, Pardis Technology Park is supervised by the Presidency Organization. The park is located at a 20 km distance to the eastern north margin of Tehran, on an area currently measuring 38 hectares (with expansion horizon of 1000 hectares) and, in two phases. Phase 1 is named Innovation Paradise, with an area of 20 hectares and, phase 2, knowledge Paradise, has an area of 18 hectares.


Companies that can be established in the park

  • Companies with Hi-Tech products

  • The companies R&D centers

  • Educational and research centers

  • General and professional services units, laboratories, legal and commercial services offices, consultancy and broker offices and, etc.


Establishment types for technology bodies at PTP


  • Technology Incubator Building;

For start-up companies, university graduates and entrepreneurs with specific ideas but lack of financial resources and work experience.

  • Multi Tenant Building (MTB);

For those companies that have already started their businesses but, have restricted financial abilities and personnel.

  • Land plots;

For those companies with relatively vast commercial experience in the field of high technologies and, have their own laboratories, workshops, expertise and are enough able to invest and develop their commercial activities.


Technology bodies field of activities:

  • IT and ICT:

  • Computer (hard ware, soft ware, artificial intelligence, network, information security, electronic business and etc.)

  • Electronics and communications (electronics, microelectronics, medical equipment, satellite equipment, etc.)

  • New technologies:

  • Biotechnology (pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural)

  • Nanotechnology

  • New materials (chemistry) and etc.

Advantages of high-tech companies’ activities in Pardis Tech Park

  • Enjoying tax exemption on income and corporate (companies’ contracts, salaries, etc.) for 20 years

  • Enjoying exemption from all regular taxes in the country

  • Not being subjected to labour law for employees working in the park

  • Benefiting from legal privileges of foreign investment as well as financial transactions as carried out in free trade zones

  • Enjoying services and consultations provided by Professional Technology Services Center of the Park

  • Benefiting from robust infrastructures that meet urban standards

  • Enjoying lower land prices for buying as compared to Tehran or Pardis neighborhood

  • Benefitting from better weather conditions as compared to Tehran

  • Benefitting from International communications provided by the Park’s management.


Pardis Tech Park’s international network

The success of tech parks and companies there is due to cooperation and collaboration and development of advanced science and technology is intertwined with “cooperation” especially in the international arena. Therefore, geographical borders fade gradually. PTP member companies have targeted penetration in ever-growing global markets.

Their success in mentioned areas will not only guarantee their survival and long-lasting growth, but will also be considered as the most important factor to evaluate their high-level technical and industrial capabilities and competencies that will be   provided for their clients.

  • Offering technological  capabilities in the international arena

:: Introducing achievements and capabilities of the PTP member companies to the park’s International Partners Network


:: Publicity of the achievements through media and advertisements.

  • Marketing for Iranian homegrown technologies abroad

:: Integrated and leading presence of PTP and its member companies in international exhibitions

:: Providing PTP member companies with financial facilities such as interest -free loans and grants to internationally develop their market.

  • Attracting foreign investors and companies

:: To accept membership of the foreign high-tech companies in PTP and establishment of their offices within the PTP

:: All the PTP membership advantages such as deregulations, PTP contact network and PTP professional services for foreign companies 

  • Development of Iran’s high-tech products export (Support package for high-tech products export)

:: In the framework of joint cooperation with the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO), a support package for high-tech products export has been made in order to support the export of high-tech products and backup presence of Iran’s indigenous technologies in the international markets. Also the "Iranian Technology Export Management" Co. as a specialized and professional arm of the PTP and an independent trade department provides high-tech companies with specialized consultation services regarding the development of their market.

Special international activities

As the only technology park in Iran tasked with developing technology at national level, Pardis Tech Park has designed and launched national projects to be carried out at an international level. This, in addition to network creation at international level, aims to promote technological activities and approach to science-and-technology-based economy. The following are some of PTP’s activities according to its mission:

  • Mustafa Science and Technology Prize

Mustafa Prize aims at introducing and recognizing the top Scholars and scientists of the Islamic countries. The prize is awarded to candidates with state- of- the- art proposals in the field of science and technology. Mustafa Prize aims to create an environment in which technology owners and specialists from around the world introduce their achievements there while increasing cooperation and interaction among them. The biannual prize covers Islamic countries in its 1st phase and it will grow its outreach to other countries in the world.

  • D8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN)

Creating international network in line with the common objectives and interests of the countries with cultural, economic and regional commonalities is among the PTP’s international aims. In this regard, creation of D8TTEN was adopted in D8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry in 2012 in Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. Through this network various technological and industrial capabilities of the 8 countries of Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia will be showcased. Moreover, various joint programs will be implemented beside this network to increase synergy and technology cooperation among these countries.

  • International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)

Making progress in S&T and strengthening the knowledge-based economy is one of the important objectives of developing and developed countries. Thus, in a bid to showcase the latest technology innovations and achievements from across the world and expand their market, INOTEX is held in Iran every year.


Iran National Techmart Network

Techmart stands for technology market where companies share their high-tech products. Tech-marts play the role of medium to share technological information with producers, clients, entrepreneurs and investors. Techmarts usually provide consultations services regarding technology transfer phases. As the only source on technology information as well as the largest technology database in the country, Iran National Techmart Network has been launched by Pardis Science & Technology Park. Its main mission is to establish and manage the country’s technology market. (website:

  • Technology Transfer Forums

In order to meet domestic technological needs and benefit from the experiences of the leading best practices of high-tech companies in the world, Pardis Tech Park invites capable foreign companies interested in cooperation with Iranian counterparts to introduce their latest technological  achievements (in special technology fields) to pave the way for selling and transferring technology from abroad. At least, two forums on technology exchange are held annually.

  • Technology tours

By getting to know technological capabilities of the different countries and in the sideline of a technological event, PTP selects and dispatch an appropriate group of companies to define international collaboration thereat. They visit the latest technological achievements of the target country and get to know capabilities of the most active companies to pave the way for further talks, and cooperation and agreements.


 Professional Technology services center

In line with its support policy and in a bid to facilitate knowledge-based companies to enjoy a diverse package in a one-stop shop, Pardis Tech Park has set up a technology professional services center. Located in the park campus, this center tries to provide knowledge-based companies with a complete package of needed services, as mentioned below, through creating a powerful network of public and private companies

  • Providing legal services related to intellectual property and transfer of technology

  • Financing knowledge-based projects

  • Providing technology valuation and feasibility study

  • Attracting Foreign investment

  • Providing Import ,export  and customs services

  • And 20 other services

  • Website: www.

Commercialization, finance and investment services

As an important arm in commercialization of Knowledge-based ideas and products, the finance and investment unit has been established in the PTP.

In a bid to support companies and knowledge-based projects to make it through the hard period of initial studies and the next difficult phase of converting ideas to products, this unit provides various opportunities in terms of supporting knowledge-based proposals, ideas and products so that member and non-member knowledge-based companies can continue their development path, enjoying potential and active capabilities in the country as well as those provided inside the PTP.

Attractive urban environment

  • Innovative urban planning

In addition to constructing a unique utility tunnel, other measures have been taken in urban planning and urban design of Pardis Tech Park such as:

  • Establishment of an architectural committee comprised of well-educated architectural, urban planning and civil experts in a bid to devise urban planning and architectural regulations and controlling research units during design and construction

  • employing young and innovative architects in designing research and engineering units

  • Designing attractive greenery and urban elements


  • PTP infrastructures

Repeated digging of passageways for laying urban facilities or repairing them is a constant problem in urban planning. To get over this problem, Pardis Tech Park has, for the first time in Iran, built an underground utility tunnel through which one person can walk. Inside this tunnel which measures 3 kilometres with dimensions of 280 *160 cm, infrastructure facilities needed for every unit is spread under the ground. Utilities such as water, sewage network, gas, telecommunication lines, optical fiber and internet lines have all been laid out in this tunnel.

  • PTP central complexes

Widespread, excellent and diverse services all in a one-stop shop is one of the outstanding characteristics of Pardis Technology Park. The central complex includes three centers (administrative, commercialization& incubators and public services centers). Located on a 30,000-sq meters land, this complex tries to provide the companies with all the necessary public and specific needs.

  • Nokhbegan (Elites) Technology Incubator Center

At the moment, the PTP accepts high-tech units' membership in Nokhbegan Technology Incubator center in the allocated land space of 600 sq.-meters and the capacity of hosting 30 units. In the near future, an independent building for Incubators and the High-Tech services Center will be exploited on land measuring 7500-sq. meters.

One of the noticeable features of establishing a company in this center is to be in close proximity with other reputable member companies that enjoy a good record of activities. In fact, one of the distinguishing features of this incubator is to support start-up companies to work on proper and diverse projects referred to them by the PTP member companies.

Various kinds of required services such as supporting, information and communication, consultation, educational, technical, laboratory-related, and financial services are offered in this center.

How to become a member:

High-tech companies interested in becoming a PTP members can download application forms from the following address:, fill them out and send them back to the PTP.

Contact info: