The international exhibitions are  bridges between merchants, experts, artisans and researchers of different countries which is not only held for showing the products and the negotiations surrounding them, but the opportunities to exchange varied information such as globally competitive prices, the latest quality standards, the recent industrial advances, scientific achievements and technology–based business ideas, are obtained during these exhibitions.

Conducting political and economical meetings between influential figures in different countries with the aim of creating amity, familiarity of people and experts with modern technology and new techniques in the world, enhancing the quality and quantity of production and familiarizing different countries with facilities and production capacities, represents another dimension of the philosophy of international exhibition, inso far as the international exhibitions are now one of the most effective means  to expand and deepen the economic and political ties.

In recent years, the news of the successes of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different fields of science and technology have been published internationally. Iran’s strategic position, highly educated and talented human resources (mostly youth), natural resources, have created the chance for the country to be a valuable opportunity for technology investors and technology owners to develop their economical and commercial activities. These capacities create a proper context to export domestic products and technologies to foreign countries and also import  the capabilities of other countries in fields of new technologies.

Due to the lack of the exhibition, which includes all areas of technology,  With the support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, presidential Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, two periods of exhibition with the efforts of Pardis technology park were held in 2012 and 2013 in Iran.

The first exhibition of advanced technologies was held in Tehran in 2012 with more than 80 Russian experts in 52 companies on 20-22 February 2012. In this exhibition, the latest achievements of Russian companies and their capabilities in areas such as ICT, Energy, Oil and Gas, Biotechnology, Aerospace and Construction Equipment were displayed.

According to the achievements of the first period of INOTEX, the "Second International Exhibition of Advanced Technologies", was held on 26-28 February 2013, in  which 105 experts and 70 companies from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine participated.

The 3rd INOTEX was held from 23-25 May 2014 in which, 60 technology-based enterprises from Russia (34 companies), India (19 companies), South Korea (2 companies), Germany, China, England, Turkey and 52 Iranain companies  ( participated in the exhibition and eventually 17 contracts of technology transfer with the value of 6 million dollars were signed between overseas and Iranian companies.

The 4th period of the "International Innovation and Technology Exhibition" (INOTEX2015) was held on 9-12 June 2015,in which technological companies from 15 countries around the world exchanged their know-how with Iranian companies. In this period of the exhibition about 25 MOUs with the value of 30 milion $ were signed.

The 5th period of the "International Innovation and Technology Exhibition" (INOTEX2016) was held on 22-25 May 2016, in which about 82 technological overseas companies from 14 countries along with 92 Iranian knowledge - based companies shared their experiences.  

The 6th INOTEX (INOTEX2017) was held on 23 -26 May in which 19 High-tech foreign companies from 9 countries Including, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Romania, Greece, Russia, Canada China, and India presented Their latest achievements in different fields of technology along with 73 Iranian knowledge–based companies and75 startups which gathered at this event and shared their achievements.