1. What is the meaning of INOTEX?

INOTEX stands for Innovation and Technology Exhibition which is the main approach for exhibition to gather innovative and technology based companies.

2. Exhibition Date?

Exhibition date 23 -26 May 2017 Operating Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

3. Is the exhibition open to the public ?

Yes, it is open for public visit. However the main aim for INOTEX2017 is to form a platform for scientists, specialist, and pioneer companies in the field of technology and science activists to gather together.

4. How can I register ?

Using the below address or from the website’s menu. Just visit :  How to Register

5. What type of companies can attend in INOTEX2017 ?

You can read the elaborate registration’s terms and conditions in this page. Just visit :  Exhibition Participation Conditions

6. How can I get to know about the news and communiqué of exhibition ?

 By registering in our newsletter, you can get the latest news about INOTEX2017. Also media can receive the periodical newsletter by registering their email address. Just visit: Exhibition Participation Conditions