B2B Meetings



The corporate road to increased competitiveness and growth through increased value creation is largely dependent on a company’s ability to make the most of their own resources as well as their ability to enter into a value-adding network, both nationally and globally. One of the major challenges for companies is on the one hand to define their own challenges and problems, and on the other hand to find the appropriate partners for collaboration, both at home and abroad. The role of the International Innovation and technology Exhibition is to contribute to a concrete and
value-adding meeting of these challenges.




These meetings offer many services to businesses and researchers. These services include the initiation of idea generation processes, and the initiation of cooperation regarding innovation projects, research projects and partnerships. They thereby increase access to the exchange of knowledge as well as access to foreign markets, new technologies and new research results.

INOTEX2017 offers a well-designed arrangement of bilateral meetings (B2B sessions). Join us!!