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  • Forums Description


On the day of the forum in a meeting, the selected companies will present its technology to the applicant technologies and investors. Then the technology-related companies and consumers would be set for B2B (face to face) meetings. It is noteworthy to mention that these meetings will be conducted with the help of Brokers.


  • Tradable Materials


Tradable issues are as follows:

1. Technology and know-how;

2. Technological products;

3. Technology services.


  • Technology Exchange Brokers


Technology exchange brokers who are from private sectors are responsible for the following tasks:

1. B2B meetings;

2. Providing legal advice and technology transfer;

3. Following-up to the negotiations up to the establishment of technology or sell of the products/ services.



  • Fields of Matchmaking Forums


The priority for technology exchange forums would be the bilateral needed fields seeking by the private sector applicants. These will be updated.....: