Domestic and Foreign Delegations:


Every year, high-ranking Iranian and foreign delegations will visit the exhibition; We are going to show the participation of high ranking Iranian and foreign delegations, famous people and experts in every field in order to reach more agreement in business deals and common commercial relationships on the sideline of the exhibition.

Every year, this exhibition attracts various sectors of Iran and the international community and it is a good space for exchanging, updating, purchasing  or selling of advanced and updated technologies in the world.

Based on the experience of previous years, visitors are specifically:

1. Organizations and technological companies interested in cooperation with partners in the  exhibition.

2. Industries and industrial factories interested in the exploitation of the presented technologies.

3. Experts and activists in the field of science and technology

4. International investors and Tradesmen

Hence, all these dears are invited to visit this international event. Visitor’s attendance in the exhibition is completely free.

Each visitor must pay the price of 900 Euros for the use of exhibition services (hotels, visas, technology and cultural visits after the exhibition, transportation from airport to hotel and daily transportation to the exhibition)

Technology and cultural visits in the preceding paragraph is only for foreign participants. Business meetings of economic activists are specifically for participant exhibitors. However, it is possible for visitors who have registered and are qualified according to the above paragraph, to visit the exhibition.

The official language in the exhibition is English, if you need an interpreter, visitors can submit their request to the Secretariat of the exhibition. It is obvious that an interpreter is subject to payment of applicable fees.