Transition from traditional economies to an economy based on science and technology is an inevitable approach and studies have shown that the most effective innovations in recent decades were created in small and middle-sized companies rather than in large companies. These companies are known to be the most effective means to develop job opportunities in progressive economies. One of the most important ways to empower countries in the field of science and technology is by relying on technology and knowledge-based companies and by expanding the international relations of these companies with the world. This cooperation leads to a countries progress and prosperity in the field of science and technology and its continuity would lead to economic growth and reliance on science as an indestructible source. Achieving this great goal requires some tools and one of the most effective and important means is international exhibitions and exposure to the global chain of supply and demand of technology.

Accordingly, the international exhibition of technology and innovation, with an emphasis on the application of technology in the development of human societies and Innovation by the implementation of new ideas in the evolution of technology pursues the following objectives:


Technology development by means of international potentials

Technology development and its application in some countries have exceeded the others. This international event provides the perfect opportunity for different countries to exchange experiences in new technologies and their updated applications.


Being the biggest technology market in the region

Iran’s technological advances in recent years and the creation of technology development infrastructure and also Iran’s geographical, economical and geopolitical position have brought us the capacity to become the region’s technological hub in all fields of technology. In the near future, this exhibition has potential to be the biggest international technology market and the biggest event for the supply and demand of technology, offering the latest innovations in the world.



The formation of technology-driven commerce and economical interactions

The Exhibition’s support of technology transfer contracts and their commercialization will provide an appropriate context for technological enterprises to develop and continue their technological production chain by taking advantage of modern technology, greater access to global markets and focus on technology development, allowing them to generate wealth for their country and society.


Successful companies’ exchange of experience in commercialization and technology development

By inviting technology leaders from around the world, the  international innovation and technology exhibition  will become a centre for all professionals,  technologists and managers of companies to hold business meetings and by  using different tools (seminar, conference, etc.) provides a context for experience exchange between the experts.


Strengthening the international relations and enhancing the political potentials by means of technology

 By inviting technological applicants from around the world, the exhibition will provide a context for the supply of technological products and technology exchange which will strengthen the political relations and increase political capacities.


The contribution to the formation and development of regional unity by means of technological capacity

By attracting suppliers and applicants of technological products, the International innovation and technology exhibition will build a capacity and will develop the regional unity by providing the technological needs of the region.