Mentorship Pavilion

Mentorship services tailored to the needs of each part of the innovation and technology ecosystem

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Mentorship Pavilion

Consulting with people who have already undergone the way we are about to face is always helpful and reassuring, especially if they are the best in their fields. The mentorship pavilion is where These people gather to advise and guide startups. 
In this section, mentorship services are provided suited to the needs of each part of the innovation and technology ecosystem, based on the conditions of the country or the world, i.e. pandemic,  economic conditions, etc. Participants can review the mentors’ resumes and book a mentor session.
Topics covered in INOTEX2023 Mentorship Pavilion are as follows:
Business Management and Leadership:
          Strategic Management
          Human Resources Management
          Public Relations
          Product Management
          Knowledge Based Management
          Leadership and Team Building
Business Development:
          Business Valuation
          Investment and Fundraising
          Advertising, Branding and Marketing 
          Content Production
          Finance and Accounting
          Legal Implications
          Business Model
           Extended Reality XR, AR, VR, MR

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May 9-12, 2023

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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