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With the emergence of new technologies, the game industry has witnessed major changes, creating novel opportunities and potentials. Hence, the Game Innovation Event (Gino) tries to utilize this vast potential in our country, with the help of the players of the industry, to foster growth in the game industry.

 Gino welcomes game creators, gamers, streamers, game media, and various organizations and people who are interested and invested in this field to explore the latest gaming achievements.

Gino consists of multiple sections and programs:

  • Lectures and discussion panels

  • Streaming documentaries on game, video art and performance

  • Presenting exclusive booths for game creators, gaming hardware, innovations and latest technologies in the field, startups and mobile games

  • Introducing and showcasing Iranian games

  • Online gaming competitions

  • Game board and offline games competitions

  • Holding workshops and webinars

May 9-12, 2023

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Where are we?

Address: FLR. 3 No. 40 Naqdi St. Mofatteh Ave. Beheshti Ave.

Contact us

Tell: +9821 88503030

Email: secretary [at]

Post Box: 1657163871


E Namad

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