Innovation ecosystem, under one roof

2/1/2020 2:17:00 PM

Innovation ecosystem, under one roof

The International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX) has hosted over 40,000 expert visitors and 1,400 exhibitors from 25 different countries during its eight sessions, and has been pursuing goals such as discussion and networking, joint investment, project participation research and development and etc. To date, over 950 dedicated B2B negotiation sessions have been held between exhibitors and more than 150 agreements have been signed.

The 9th edition of the INOTEX2020 exhibition will be held in Tehran in 7-10 June. This exhibition, based on its past experiences, will host various components of the countries' ecosystem of innovation and technology.

It is expected that more than 20,000 professionals and educated people and actors from various startup ecosystems will visit the exhibition. Several trade delegations of foreign countries will also visit this exhibition.

There will also be several commercial and promotional events during the exhibition that will provide producers and service providers and technical knowledge owners with customers and investors access.

Campus Technology Park owns the exhibition and the secretariat of the INOTEX Exhibition Center located in the park is responsible for hosting the event. Also Vice President of Science and Technology and Transformation and Development Cooperation Center are permanent sponsors and supporters of the exhibition.

INOTEX Exhibition has hosted numerous companies active in various fields of technology and innovation during its period. In fact, the exhibition is a hostess for tech companies and innovative corporations and there is no restriction on the scope of activity.

Overall, the INOTEX exhibition covers the following technologies and innovations:

1.            Biological and environmental technology

2.            Medical and hospital equipment and supplies

3.            Information and communications technology (ICT)

4.            Oil and gas related technologies

5.            renewable energy

6.            Nanotechnology, Chemistry and New Materials

7.            Urban technologies

8.            Aerospace and Mechanics

9.            Advanced Devices and Equipment

10.          Cognitive technologies

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