Registration for the Investment Cafe at Inotex 2021 has begun

3/9/2021 8:28:55 AM

Investment Cafe is one of the side events of INOTEX exhibition. This event is a special opportunity for startup owners and novice businesses to raise capital and negotiate with investors. Participants and exhibitors in the exhibition will be introduced to the respective investors according to the amount of capital required and their field of activity and services, and special meetings will be arranged for them.

With the arrangements made, investors and startup ecosystem activists from Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria and the UAE will be present at INOTEX 2021 Investment Café. The goal of their participation in this event is to invest in Iranian startups and help them develop their international market.

INOTEX Investment Cafe with a successful investment of 1 billion and 900 million tomans in 2018, 7 billion and 600 million tomans of successful investment in 2019, as well as 18 billion and 240 million tomans in 2020, is one of the interesting sections of this exhibition for the ecosystem activists.

Those who are interested in registering and participating in the Investment Cafe event at INOTEX 2021 can register in the INOTEX website at until the 7th of April 2021.
Startups which are accepted to participate in this event can also benefit from the special investment workshops of this event.

The tenth edition of INOTEX exhibition will be held from 18th to 21st of May 2021, with the presence of all the actors of the innovation and technology ecosystem of Iran, in forms of in-person and virtual, in Pardis Innovation District.

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