Providers of co-working space

The co-working space is a place for individuals, startups, and even small companies, to provide space shared by others. Usually these spaces are suitable for people, novice teams and freelancers.

Deploying in this space, in addition to reducing the initial cost of creating a business, greatly contributes to networking and recognizing other people and sharing experiences and knowledge. Access to Mentors, Business Angels and investors is even easier in these spaces.

Common features such as meeting room, printer and fax, secretarial and telephone answering, reception, etc. are provided jointly. While these services and facilities can be used, the costs of using them are paid only in case of use, and this will be economic for these type companies.

Co-working spaces in Iran are expanding and over the past two years there are a large number of them being spread throughout the country. INOTEX’s mission is to recognize this emerging potential in the country for freelancers, young entrepreneurs, and individuals who are simply pushing for a team and start-up.

So, if you own such a space, you have the opportunity to introduce your services and facilities to thousands of people within the 4 days on the INOTEX 2020.

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