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Finding business counterparts and partnership are the main goals of presence in the INOTEX for companies. In INOTEX, a professional team which has a complete database of Iranian technology companies, as well as exhibitors and visitors, would be managed to hold a significant number of matchmaking meetings between relevant companies with a high success rate. In this regard, the following measures would be taken before and during the exhibition:
1- Match making procedures for each registered company in the exhibition will be proceeded with counterpart companies at the exhibition, as well as Iranian High-tech companies, technology park’s member companies and high-tech Incubators
2- A professional broker team would invite relevant companies to visit the exhibition and manage B2B meeting between companies;
3- At the exhibition, several B2B session rooms will be provided;
4- The results of each meeting can be signed in the form of a memorandum of meeting (MOU);
5- The professional broker team would be present at the exhibition and would follow MOU’s and pave the way for signing partnership agreements, joint ventures, technology exchange, and so on;
6- One stop business which would be present at the exhibition, provide professional services in accordance with partnership agreements or technology exchanges.


INOTEX is the premier regional event for professionals engaged in technology and Innovation. Leading governmental organizations of I.R.IRAN are the partners behind INOTEX, Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Presidential Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation and Innovation fund.
Over the years, INOTEX has evolved a number of unique events which reflect the constantly changing nature of Innovation and Technology in Iran and help provide a full experience and comprehensive overview of it. Different components of ecosystem like as startups, new businesses, inventors, accelerators, science & technology parks, investors and high tech companies play a key roles in INOTEX and several events such as Technology transfer forum, innovation festival, startup pitches, workshops and international innovation networking forums have been allocated for them; there is something for everyone, whether creative, technical, old or new. Explore all that INOTEX has to offer across four days of groundbreaking insight and innovation. This new technology fair provides knowledge-based companies with an unprecedented and unique opportunity to network with technology suppliers, Tech investors and Tech buyers from around the world, all eager to establish business connections in Iran INOTEX is not only a perfect technology transfer platform, but also it’s a great opportunity for mature high tech companies to be a partner with their counterparts.

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