What is INOTEX?

International Exhibitions with orientations towards science and technology, act like a bridge between businessmen, technologists, industrialists and researchers from different countries, which are held not only to display goods and conduct trade negotiations around them, but also to provide various information about the world-class competitive pricing, the latest quality standards, the latest industrial developments, the latest scientific research achievements and economic-technological ideas, which are exchanged during the exhibitions.

In this regard, with the efforts of Pardis Technology Park, the INOTEX international innovation and technology exhibition has been held since 2012 with the participation of international companies and to serve the following objectives:

1. Investment: Communication between domestic and international investors and startups and companies.

2. Partnership and collaboration: Between technology companies and domestic and international startups.

3. Networking and arranging meetings: Between innovation and technology ecosystem activists.

In addition to introducing state-of-the-art technologies to large and medium sized industries, INOTEX Exhibition tries to connect customers of technology products to the manufacturers of them, and also to introduces investors to investment opportunities in the field of technology projects and startups.

Nowadays INOTEX is recognized as one of the most significant events of the year in the field of innovation and technology in Iran, and has been welcomed by a wide range of audiences during these years.

From 2021, Pardis innovation district will be the host of INOTEX, and this will make INOTEX event a truly unforgettable one in the field of innovation and technology ecosystems in Iran.


Where are we?

Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road, Tehran, Iran

Contact us

Tell: +9821 88503030

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Email: secretary [at] inotex.com

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