First Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum

According to the United Nations Charter, the United Nations affairs and objectives are carried out by six main pillars and hundreds of subsectors, one of which is the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). ESCAP, for the transformation of the Asia-Pacific region and for sustainable development have set the 17 goals of sustainable development on the agenda of 7 committees. One of these major goals is "Strengthening the tools for the implementation and revitalization of global partnerships for the sustainable development of science, technology and innovation," which is entrusted to the Committee on Innovation and Technology.

According to the 2nd Committee of Innovation and Technology of ESCAP, which was held in Bangkok in 2018, the first Asia-Pacific innovation Forum to be hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran was approved by the members. In coordination with INOTEX2019, the fair has the opportunity of hosting this major event with the presence of international supreme decision-makers from 62 member states.

The simultaneity of the event with the INOTEX2019 will be a great opportunity for companies and start-ups at the exhibition to develop the product market and find new customers and partners in the international community.

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