When and where will INOTEX launch?

With safety as our top priority, the orginizers of the INOTEX 2020 have decided to postpone the show till further notice. More details regarding the date will be announced till 5th of May 2020 on our website and social media.

What time will the exhibition be open?

With safety as our top priority, the orginizers of the INOTEX 2020 have decided to postpone the show till further notice. More details regarding the date will be announced till 5th of May 2020 on our website and social media.

What events will be held during INOTEX?

During the 4-day period of INOTEX, several events will be held such as startups competition, The First Asia Pacific Innovation Forum, INOTEX Reverse Pitch, special stage program, etc.

How can I choose a suitable booth?

There are booths and stand-up counter available. Moreover, in some sections pavilions will be available.

When does the startups completion take? Is it open to the public?

The qualification stage of startup competition will begin in the Feb in Zahedan, West Azarbaijan, Esfehan, Ahwaz, Sari and Tehran. The winner in each province will get financial aid to travel to Tehran and a free booth in the exhibition as well. Eventually, the final combat will take place in the last day of INOTEX with the presence of investors.

Who can have a booth in the exhibition?

The Secretariat of INOTEX2020 has been putting a lot of effort into holding a great meeting with the presence of sections of innovation and technology ecosystem of Iran.
In INOTEX2020, knowledge base companies, science and technology parks, technology brokers, accelerators, co-working space providers, business incubators, governmental infrastructure providers, VC funders, and business angels participate the exhibition having their own booths. In addition, a service center will help define collaboration between large enterprises, funding, and partnership.
Furthermore, special counters have been considered for startups, inventors, and the organizers of entrepreneurship events so it will be an amazing opportunity for you as a visitor to experience all the sections of Iran’s technology and innovation ecosystem in one place.

How can a participant hold B2B meetings during the exhibition?

One of the main goals of the exhibition is providing suitable conditions for B2B meetings; for this purpose, several meeting rooms have been considered and B2B meetings will take place through mechanisms and matching events. INOTEX2020 mobile app provides online booking service for B2B meetings and meeting rooms as well.

How can I get the latest news about the exhibition?

You can find out about the latest news and events by visiting the @INOTEXevent account on social networks such as Instagram, ITA, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram.

What is Match Making?

This event will be held in the special fields of technology with the presence of technology companies present at the exhibition, and each company will provide their own technologies. Conducting these events will bring about the familiarity of the same companies with each other and will provide a good basis for finding strategic partners. Click here for more information.

What are Technology Presentation meeting?

One of the side events of the INOTEX exhibition is to host technology meeting for dedicated companies with the goal of introducing the company's latest achievements, as well as finding customers or business partners. Providing the Hall of Technology Presentation, filling in the application form with applicants, submitting their information to the applicant, sending an official invitation to potential customers, inviting government institutions, universities and large industries to attend the meeting, welcoming guests, and presenting the package. If available, this service is included.
Holding these meetings for companies requires a fee. Contact the secretariat of the exhibition to inform you about these conditions and to announce the request for these meetings.

I am a foreign visitor, what should I do for accommodation and visa?

As a visitor, register on the site of the exhibition and apply for a visa to the Embassy / Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in your country. By sending your passport image to info@inotex.com, the secretariat will also facilitate this issue through formal processes.

I have problem paying the registration fee, how can I fix it?

Contact the call center at 021-76250250-4376 and let us know about your problem.

How can I provide sponsorship for the exhibition or one of the events?

In this regard, contact the secretariat of the exhibition number 88503030-021.

Which fields of technology are covered in the exhibition?

The main goal of the INOTEX 2020 exhibition is to gather various components of the country's innovation and technology ecosystem. Therefore, this exhibition is not limited to a specific field of technology.

How can I watch the exhibition’s pictures and videos?

By visiting the @INOTEXevent account on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Aparat and Telegram, you can view various photos and videos of the exhibition.

will INOTEX still running during COVID-19 pandemic?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we came to this decision that for the first time ever in INOTEX history, we hold INOTEX 2020 online, using a user friendly interface to create a new experience for our attendees and prioritize their safety. 

Where are we?

Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20thkm of Damavand Road, Tehran I.R. Iran

Contact us

Tell: +9821 88503030

Fax: +9821 88503030

Email: secretary [at] inotex.com

Post Box: 1576633814


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