Exhibition Topics

INOTEX has hosted the key actors in innovation and technology ecosystem over the years. In fact, we don’t impose any restrictions on any specific area of technology and innovation in INOTEX, but rather by providing a platform for gathering of technology experts and entrepreneurs, we are seeking to increase the synergy resulting from this networking.  

Every year, our approach is to review the latest innovation and technology trends at INOTEX event. According to scientific reports, these trends will be divided into three general categories:

1. Smartization

2. Digital

3. Sustainable Development

Where are we?

Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road, Tehran, Iran

Contact us

Tell: +9821 88503030

Fax: +9821 88503030

Email: secretary [at] inotex.com

Post Box: 1576633814


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