May 7-10, 2024

+450 Exhibitors
+100,000 Visitors
+150 Investors
+400 B2B Meetings
+20 Events

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Why do Hundreds of Innovators and Entrepreneurs Participate in INOTEX?


In-person interaction with thousands of visitors, entrepreneurs and policy makers of the innovation ecosystem.


Reviewing the latest technology advancements in the region and learning novel strategies from local and international experts for fundraising and becoming a better entrepreneur.

Under the Spotlight

Grabbing the attention of the media, investors, decision makers, and tech moguls in the region.

Discovering Investment Opportunities

Discovering new investment opportunities in different parts of the innovation and technology ecosystem for investors as well as rasing funds for startups and companies.

Market Development

Finding new markets for products and services due to the participation of hundreds of visitors

INOTEX 2024 Speakers

Dr. Rouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi

Vice-President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy

Mr. Masoud Vakili Nia

CEO of Ertebat Farda Holding

Mr. Mohammad Javad Jamshidi

Deputy for Planning and Economic Affairs, Research and Development Center, MCI

Mr. Mahdi Foroughi

CEO of Yektanet

Dr. Amir Hossein Shobeiri

CEO of Shaparak Electronic Payment Network Company

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