9 - 12 May

The twelfth edition of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2023) was held simultaneously with the first edition of the International Funding Innovation and Technology Exhibition (FINOTEX 2023) from May 9-12, 2023, at Pardis Technology Park. The exhibition was welcomed by 450 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors both in-person and online. A total of 23 events were held in this edition, and more than 200 speakers gave their presentations on the exhibition stages. As INOTEX moves towards globalization, 25 Russian companies participated in the exhibition in two pavilions alongside the D-8 pavilion. More than 20 ambassadors attended the opening ceremony where they witnessed speeches by Dr. Dehghani Firouzabadi, the esteemed Vice-President of Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy of Iran and Mr. Andrei Fursenko, the Special Aide to the President of the Russian Federation.


10 - 13 May

The eleventh edition of the INOTEX exhibition, with the slogan “Towards Globalization,” was held on May 10-13, 2023, at Pardis Technology Park. The exhibition was held in both physical and virtual formats, as in the previous two editions, and witnessed the participation of exhibitors from Russia, India, D-8 member countries, and Expats in the international section of the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, ambassadors from more than 20 countries visited the exhibition, which was a small step towards INOTEX’s globalization. INOTEX 2022 hosted more than 70,000 in-person visitors and 400 exhibitors, setting a new record in the history of the exhibition


18 - 21 May

The prediction was that the COVID-19 pandemic would decline by May 2021. This led us to hold the 10th edition of the INOTEX exhibition in both virtual and physical formats. Another novelty was that INOTEX was held for the first time in the Pardis Innovation District. Prior to the event, estimates indicated low participation, but the situation of innovative companies and the recession caused by COVID-19 convinced us to hold the exhibition in any way possible. The first day of the event surprised everyone, with more than 6,000 people reported to have attended the registration section of the exhibition. Finally, the 10th edition of INOTEX was held with the presence of more than 38,000 people both in-person and virtually, and 400 exhibitors. This event was held from May 18-21, 2021, in Pardis Technology Park, with an emphasis on innovation in booth design and open-air spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


12 - 15 November

INOTEX 2020 August 12-15 Due to the growth and spread of Coronavirus in 2020, the 9th INOTEX Exhibition, which was supposed to be held in an area of 20,000 square meters with all components of the innovation and technology ecosystem of Iran, including startups, investors, accelerators, and incubators, was inevitably canceled and the event was held virtually. This was important from two aspects. It was not only the first time a virtual exhibition was organized, but it was with many technical challenges. Finally, INOTEX virtual exhibition was held on August 12-15 with the participation of more than 400 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors.


8 - 11 June

INOTEX 2019 May 29-June 1 In the beginning months of the second step of the Islamic Revolution and the year of the "Production Boom," the 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2019) was organized. With the motto of "Innovation and Technology Ecosystem Under One Roof," the exhibition aimed at facilitating the production of knowledge and manufacture of products, in addition to their commercialization. Pardis Technology Park, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, the Presidential Center for Progress and Development, the United Nations, The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund helped the exhibition to take place on May 29th to June 1st in Halls 40 and 44 of Tehran International Permanent Fairground, in the sidelines of the 1st Asia and Pacific Innovation Council. INOTEX 2019 hosted 12 different groups of key players in the country's innovation and technology ecosystem, more than 400 participants (exhibitors) in a space of more than 9000 square meters, where more than 17000 visitors attended during the exhibition.


5 - 7 July

INOTEX 2018 July 5-8 In the year "Supporting Iranian goods," the 7th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2018) was held on July 5-8 at the Tehran Municipality Exhibition Center. This year, INOTEX aimed to facilitate the production of Iranian knowledge and products and commercialize them. With the help of Pardis Technology Park, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, the Presidential Center for Progress and Development, and the Tehran Municipality ICT Organization, INOTEX aimed at providing support for the technological products and services of knowledge-based companies and startups. During the exhibition, more than 6,000 visitors, with an average age of 29.1, visited the exhibition, 83% of whom attended INOTEX for the first time. In addition, more than 97% of the visitors held bachelor's degrees or higher, indicating this exhibition's increasing validity among the academics and active players of the country's innovation ecosystem.


23 - 26 May

INOTEX 2017 May 23-26 The sixth edition of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2017) was held in Milad Hall of Tehran International Permanent Fairground. There were 226 booths and counters from 10 different countries, including technology companies, inventors, startups, accelerators, and technology parks. This year, events such as the startup demo, festival of inventions in Medical Equipment, New Front, and the third Innovation Networking Meeting were organized. For the first time in INOTEX 2017, the other components of the innovation and technology ecosystem (in addition to technology and knowledge-based companies) were present at the exhibition. The successful experience of this period laid the foundation for the presence of all components of the innovation and technology ecosystem in the following editions.


22 - 25 May

INOTEX 2016 May 22-25 The fifth edition, INOTEX 2016, was held over four days in the same venue as the previous year. This exhibition hosted 174 technology companies from 15 different countries. Moreover, the second Innovation Networking Meeting and the Iran Silicon event were also held on the sidelines of the exhibition. Here, more than 150 B2B meetings were organized between the technology companies, resulting in the conclusion of 66 cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding between Iranian and foreign companies. Also, three matchmaking events between companies in "Oil, Gas and Energy," "Medical Equipment," and "Information and Communication Technology" were held, which were well received by the companies present at the exhibition.


10 - 13 June

INOTEX 2015 June 10-13 The fourth edition of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2015) was held over four days from June 10 to 13 in the Persian Gulf Hall of Tehran International Permanent Fairground. Here, 118 companies from 16 countries participated, and during the exhibition, 25 partnership agreements and contracts were signed between the companies. To use the opinions of prominent foreign and domestic thinkers regarding the issues of innovation and technology management, a meeting titled "Innovation Networking Meeting" was held, the subsequent editions of which were held simultaneously with the exhibition in the coming years. The main objective of this exhibition was to facilitate meetings and interactions between Iranian and foreign technology companies to exchange and transfer technology.


23 - 25 May

INOTEX 2014 May 23-26 After holding two successful "International High Technologies Exhibitions" in the country with companies from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, the Secretariat of the exhibition decided to open the event's doors to companies from other countries. Therefore, the name of the third edition was changed to "International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)." In INOTEX 2014, over 111 companies from eight different countries, including Iran, participated, and for the first time, the exhibition was held in the Persian Gulf Hall of Tehran International Permanent Fairground. Many Iranian companies welcomed these changes to the extent that many companies applying to attend did not make it to the exhibition due to the lack of space.


25 - 27 February

INOTEX 2013 February 25-27 The second edition of the International High Technologies Exhibition was held over three days at the Hijab Hall of the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents. As in the previous exhibition, the purpose of this event was to introduce foreign technologies needed by our country through the presence of 72 technology owners and private technology companies from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. On the sidelines of this exhibition, a specialized oil exploration, extraction, and storage meeting was held with 16 Russian experts and representatives from the National Iranian Oil Company, drilling and exploration companies, and the National Iranian Gas Company. The specialized services section with eight booths was designed to provide information to foreign companies and create a platform for transferring their technology to the country. These services consisted of company registration and business affairs in Iran, technology guarantee from the New Technologies Development Fund, and holding specialized meetings by Fan Bazaar National Company Iran.


20 - 22 February

INOTEX 2012 February 20-22 The first edition of INOTEX was held for three days from February 20-22 and welcomed more than 80 Russian experts in the form of 52 technology companies. Here, Russian companies showed their latest achievements and capabilities in areas such as Information and Communications Technology, Energy and Oil and Gas Biotechnology, aerospace, and Equipment Manufacturing. The exhibition focused on strengthening ties between Iranian and Russian participants through collaboration and interaction, especially in areas like high technologies, science and technology parks, and knowledge-based companies. This edition resulted in introducing new technology initiatives, showcasing the achievements of the participants, and establishing a platform for effective technology knowledge exchange.

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