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Technology and entrepreneurship events are important tools for collaboration and cooperation of capital owners, technologists and innovators. Those who participate in these events enjoy opportunities such as accessing capital resources, coaches, professionals, and networking, as well as getting the chance to increase their skills. The various entrepreneurship events that take place around the world can be classified into four categories, based on the nature of the event: networking, educating, fundraising, and collaboration.

Each year, INOTEX hosts these events, trying to come up with the best of them. Some of these events will take place before the exhibition and the results will be reflected in the exhibition. Here is the descirption of the 11th INOTEX Exhibition.

Free May 10-13, 2022


INOTEX Pitch is one of the competitive sections of INOTEX2022 which has been organized for five consecutive ...

Free May 10-13, 2022

INOTEX Investment Café

In the 11th year of INOTEX, startups can meet investors and raise funds for their businesses.

Free May 10-13, 2022


Influential international figures giving inspirational lectures on global trends

Free May 10-13, 2022

Mentorship Pavilion

Mentorship services tailored to the needs of each part of the innovation and technology ecosystem

Free May 10-13, 2022


Reviewing and covering the latest technological trends in more than 20 hours of lectures, panels, discussions, and ...

Free May 10-13, 2022

Break Time

This section is meant to entertain, relax, and create a new experience in INOTEX .

Free May 10-13, 2022

Reverse Pitch

Here, various manufacturers and companies express their needs. Among the attendees, technology companies and those who think ...

Free May 10-13, 2022

Tour to Visit Pardis Innovation District

Tour to make the audience more familiar with the atmosphere of Pardis Innovation District

Free May 10-13, 2022


It is one of the most exciting sections that has been added to the exhibition for the ...

Free May 10-13, 2022

Media Hub

Media Hub is the best place for startups and their services to get introduced, and it is ...

Free May 10-13, 2022


Reviewing the country's policies on innovation and technology

- May 10-13, 2022


Exploring the world of video games and the latest innovations

Free 20 الی 23 اردیبهشت 1401

INOTEX CrowdFunding

On the KarenCrawd crowdfunding platform at the Inotex event

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