Technology and entrepreneurship events are key contributing means of cooperation and participation of idea owners, investors and innovators. Teams and individuals who participate in this event will make their network wider, get access to funds, coaches, experts in addition to increasing their proficiency. Entrepreneurship events can basically be divided into four categories based on their nature: Networking, Instruction, Funding, Cooperation and Participation.

Every year INOTEX seeks for significant events to cooperate and host. So many of such events are held before the exhibition and their results and consequences will be announced during INOTEX.

- May 2021


The competition of startups in the presence of investors and their scoring by prominent Iranian and international ...

- May 18 - 21, 2021

INOTEX Investment Cafe

INOTEX has made it possible for everyone to raise fund for their business and invest in the ...

- May 2021

Stage event

Inviting well-known and influential international people, inspirational lectures, etc. are among the programs that will be held ...

- May 2021

B2B meetings

The secretariat will make matchmaking between companies prior to the exhibition and announce your presence to ...

- May 2021

Technology Experience

The secretariat of the exhibition, in coordination with the companies concerned, has provided the groundwork for the ...

- May 2021

Mentorship Pavilion

In this section, mentorship services are provided in accordance with the needs of each part of the ...

- May 2021


This section is a platform for stream and non-stream games, in which the participants can compete with ...

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