Pardis Technology Park is the main owner of the exhibition and the secretariat of the exhibition based is responsible for hosting the event. Also the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and the Presidential Transformation and Development Cooperation Center are the permanent sponsors of the exhibition.

Members of the Secretariat of the 11th  INOTEX are:
Akbar Ghanbarpour, President of INOTEX Exhibition
Sajjad Abbasi Fashami,  Secretary of INOTEX Exhibition 
Mehran Kafrashi, Executive Director
Sajjad Rajabi, Content Manager & Coordinator
Mahdi Ahmadi, Chief International Affairs Officer

Members of the INOTEX 2022 Think Tank are:
Ali Hezaweh (Deputy of Technology Affairs of Pardis Technology Park)    Akbar Ghanbarpoor (Deputy of Innovation Development of Pardis Technology Park)    Reza Ghiabi (CEO of Forsat Afarin Institute)    Habib Nikjoo (Chief Editor of Akharin Khabar News Agency)    Kamran Bagheri (CEO of Kan Inovation Centre)
Mr. Namazi (CEO of Beh Pardakht Mellat)    Dr. Tohidian (CEO of Farateif Pooya Co.)    Saleh Sepasdar Tehran (CEO of Banian Omid Co.)
Sajjad Abbasi Fashami (Secretary of INOTEX Exhibition)    Ehsan Safarnavadeh (CEO of Kariz E’etemad Co.)    Dr. Mohammadzadeh (CEO of Nosa Co.)    Hamed Sajedi (CEO of Shenasa VC Co.)


Where are we?

Address: FLR. 3 No. 40 Naqdi St. Mofatteh Ave. Beheshti Ave.

Contact us

Tell: +9821 88503030

Email: secretary [at]

Post Box: 1657163871


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