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Registration for the 2024 International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX) has opened. The exhibition will be held in Pardis Technology Park in May of next year. The deadline for early registration is February 19, 2024.

According to a press release from Pardis Technology Park, a press conference for INOTEX 2024 was held on February 3, 2024, at the HighWay Innovation Factory. At the conference, Mehdi Safarinia, president of Pardis Technology Park, said that INOTEX 2024 will focus on the innovation economy. He added that the exhibition will host organizations that have a special impact on this economic sector in Iran.

Safarinia continued by saying that in line with the focus on the innovation economy in INOTEX 2024, the content sections of the event will also invite the largest industrial and knowledge-based organizations in the country that can play an effective role in the development of the innovation economy to present their approaches, concerns, and the latest trends in this field.

Mojtaba Jabbaripour, vice president for innovation development at Pardis Technology Park, also said that INOTEX will be held from May 7 to 10, 2024, at Pardis Technology Park. INOTEX 2024 will be held in three sections: exhibition, business and promotional events, and online events.

Jabbaripour added that the exhibition section will feature actors who are active in the innovation and technology ecosystem of the country, including technology and knowledge-based companies, startups, accelerators and growth centers, mentors and consultants, inventors, technology parks, universities, and research centers.

He concluded his remarks by referring to the presence of 450 companies and more than 100,000 visitors at INOTEX 2023. He said that the opportunities and capacities of INOTEX will include direct communication with thousands of visitors, entrepreneurs, and government officials, information about the latest technological developments and innovation changes in the region, and discovering new investment opportunities.

Sajjad Abbasi Fashami, secretary of INOTEX, also said at the press conference that registration for companies and visitors for INOTEX 2024 has opened. He added that the deadline for registration to participate in INOTEX 2024 is March 10, 2024.

He added that those who register by February 19, 2024, will receive a 20% early registration discount. In addition, according to the coordination made with the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, knowledge-based companies will also benefit from a 70% support from this fund to participate in this event and receive a booth.

Abbasi Fashami said that according to the new registration method for the INOTEX event, in order to improve the achievements that can be presented at the exhibition, the level of innovation of products and achievements of participants and applicants for exhibition space will be reviewed to provide the necessary consultation for improving the presence and deployment of innovative products.

According to Abbasi Fashami, INOTEX 2024 will also host side events such as INOTEX Pitch, Reverse Pitch, INOTEX Stage, and the Soft and Creative Industries Event "Manovin". The program of these meetings can be seen at

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