INOTEX 2024’s Finest: Winners Announced at Grand Finale


Winners of various categories were announced at the grand finale of the INOTEX 2024 mega-event.

In the Research Pitch section, for the fields of Water, Energy, and Environment, Khosrow Ayin Jamshid from Bushehr and Navid Tafreshi from Kermanshah were recognized. In the Information Technology and Communications Artificial Intelligence category, Mohammad Sadegh Turkmen from Tehran was honored. In the Health and Medical Equipment sector, Fatemeh Sharifi Yousefi from Qazvin was awarded. For the Food Industries and Agriculture category, Mohsen Saeidi from Kermanshah was acknowledged. In the Electrical, Electronics, and Robotics field, Milad Ekhteraei from Kermanshah was named, and in the Mining and Mineral Industries sector, Alireza Abedi from Tehran was introduced as the top individuals.

In the INOTEX Pitch section, the first team prize went to Amir Farm from Tehran, and the second team prize was awarded to Blue Dopamine from Kermanshah.

In the National Iranian Technology Market Brokers section, the award for the most growth in the regional technology market network was given to Rajabi from Kurdistan, and the award for the top brokers of 2024 was presented to Ehsan Dahi from Kermanshah as the first place. Fadaei from Isfahan Province and Ghafouri from Tehran were the subsequent awardees.

In the top brokers of the 2024 Techmart, the first-place prize was given to Ehsan Dahi (Sharif Industry Development). Ali Omidi (Karen Entrepreneurship Pioneers) and Fadaei (Advanced Technologies of Asia) were ranked second and third, respectively.

In the category of the best regional technology market, the Fars Province regional technology market, the East Azerbaijan regional technology market, and the Yazd Province regional technology market secured the first to third places, respectively.

In the Manowin Events section, Yasan Academy and Panter were selected as the two top participants.

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