INOTEX Has Created New Potentials in Businesses


A professor of Shahid Beheshti University, pointing out the topic of pure sciences and technology, said: “The business environment in the world has changed significantly, and it is necessary to pay attention to the novel business environments.”
According INOTEX Press, during his lecture at INOTEX 2022 Nextation, Mohammad Mahdi Ahadian stated: “In recent decades, the emergence of Knowledge-based companies has helped businesses become more dynamic.” He then continued: “Due to this change, some businesses have vanished, but on the bright side, many have also come into existence.”
Highlighting the changes and developments in the business world, he said: “Universities should pay more attention to the labor force issue. That means, from now on, university professors working in pure sciences and technology fields must call for dessertations from their students exploring these issues.
Ahadian emphasized: In the past years, owing to INOTEX exhibition in Pardis Technology Park, we have witnessed the emergence of new potentials in the business environment. In such places, deamnds for novel jobs arise, replacing the traditional vocations.
In the end, elaborating on the advantages of new businesses, Ahadian said: "We must take advantage of these new businesses. Doing this would facilitate the expansion of these businesses." He then continued: "Clearly, at the time being, new business owners should take measures to improve their capabilities."

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