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Venture capital funds and investors are always looking for good opportunities for investment, and for this, they are present at events, accelerators, exhibitions, etc. On the other hand, owners of technological and economic projects, startups, startup companies, large tech companies, etc., are also looking for investors to provide a framework for work.

Meeting these two will be very attractive at the exhibition, and one of the outputs of the exhibition is the interactions between the parties. In order to facilitate this, the exhibition secretariat, by creating INOTEX Fund Cafe, is attempting to co-ordinate between start-up investors and start-ups and hold meetings between them.

Investment opportunities will be great opportunities for investors present at the exhibition. They have witnessed the presence of more than 150 starters, 100 mature technology companies, and dozens of inventors are ready to participate, and this is a real opportunity to invest!

On the other hand, joint investment in co-investment is one of the growing trends in the world, which will help them reach this supranational goal by getting acquainted and holding talks between investors themselves.

Investment companies can do the following by receiving the booth at the exhibition:

1. Organize their B2B sessions with startups or for free.

2. Find special opportunities for investment by taking advantage of the special features of the INOTEX Fund Cafe.

3. Participate in the pre-event of INOTEX Investors, in order to get acquainted with other investors and obtain special information from the participating start-ups of the exhibition, and they must take the necessary measures beforehand to book a time in order to convene a B2B meeting.

 Investment companies can be registered at the following link to receive the booth

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